Equipment, Supplies and Products

At Ardiz, we believe that the right tools are needed to get the job done efficiently and properly. This is why we do a significant amount of research when choosing the proper equipment and supplies to furnish a specific site. We only purchase new equipment, and provide fast and efficient servicing when needed.

We keep an inventory of supplies at each of our operating sites. These inventories are replenished from our main inventory, consisting of a three month operational reserve stock in two locations. We use a system of minimum stock level (Kanban) at all our locations to make certain that stock is replenished in a timely fashion, therefore avoiding the possibility of running out of any supplies. We provide MSDS forms for all our products.

The following are some of the services we can provide you :

♦ Washing of draperies and verticals. 
♦ Sterilization applications (laboratories, surgery rooms, etc.). 
♦ Turnkey recycling programs. 
♦ Replacement of fluorescent lighting. 
♦ Interior/Exterior window cleaning including windowsills and baseboard heaters.